Client Personal
Role Designer
Discipline Service Design, Research

This project was the result of a course taken in the Graphic Design program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I was required to synthesize the research, document the design process, and produce a final project based on the chosen subject of my research.

The following Link is a separate process book that includes a semesters worth of thinking and research for my degree project.  Decoding Degree

The following Link is a separate process book that includes a semesters worth of thinking and research for my degree project. Decoding Degree

We are living in an age of maximum destruction. The current capitalist order that prevails has forced humanity to a state of near total estrangement from the natural world. As garbage piles, seas and temperatures rise, fish vanish, freak weather events multiply and profound depression descends upon humanity, it's become obvious that something has to change.

Consumer Alliance (CA) supports Americans in forming healthier happier spending habits that fall within planetary constraints. Consumer alliance gives a home for viewing all your spending accounts in one place, and helps users find alternative products and companies based their health, environmental and societal impact, three paths of happiness and service time.

Consumer Alliance Score
A Consumer Alliance Score is a number 1-100 that is assigned to companies, products and CA members. The score is made of five individual categories, Health, Society, Environment, Service Life and Happiness. Two of the five categories, Service life and Happiness both need additional information from the user to be calculated, The other three aspects of the score are calculated based on the information gathered from purchases.

This category indicates things like corporate manufacturing processes and their environmental effects, transparency on environmental issues and companies policies and practices.

Service Life
Actual service life is the maximal recorded life of a product. This feature allows a user to estimate and record the amount of time products last. The user’s score improves when the purchases have a longer service life. This helps users limit their personal waste in advance and ultimately puts less strain on the environment.

This category indicates things like a company’s corporate governance, safety policies, human labor rights.

This category indicated things like potential health effects, risks, and company health performances.

The Three Paths of Happiness
The Good Life, “re-crafting your work, love, friendship, and leisure, to enhance your purpose and strengths. Or in other words its about meeting your desires and reaching potential. The Meaningful Life, Using your signature strengths in the service of something that you believe is larger than you. The Pleasant Life, “having as many pleasures as possible and having the savoring and mindfulness skills to amplify the pleasures.” Spending money on things that take care of, and treats yourself.