the gift of hindsight

Client Personal
Role Designer
Discipline Bookbinding, Typography

By considering the design, content, and fabrication, I have curated this experimental typographic book series, to embody a thesis. The ideas that make up this thesis include; climate change, the plundering of natural resources, war, gifts and hindsight. The goal of this book series to express these distinct ideas into a cohesive whole that provides a perspective, reminding the reader that the earth is finite and only has so many gifts to give and challenge them to question the global relationships, and the future ahead. 

Content Gifts can take on multiple forms, such as priceless advice. In each of the books I have carefully knitted two different authors to enhance their messages as well as the thesis of this series.

Design The two typefaces have been carefully chosen to support the thesis and represent the chosen authors in each book.

Fabrication A gift itself like this book is precious. It is a one of a kind book, both hand cut and bound.On select pages velum is symbolically used, it provides, "hindsight" for the content in the book itself and literally allows the reader to physically overlap both voices. The vellum pages are deliberately used to emphasize the common ideas between both authors. In addition to vellum I chose to use mostly recycled materials to harmonize with the idea of plundering natural resources. 

in this strange and confusing world.

"It's a Strange and Confusing World", is a heartfelt letter by Clyde S. Shield written in 1974, reflecting on his life while on his death bed. In this letter he offers some poignant advice for the road ahead to his three week old grandson. Clyde had played a significant role in World War II. He personally apologizes for the current condition of the planet and also talks about the 'important' things in life. 

ITC Bookman is solely used to represent Clyde's voice. I felt that the ITC Bookman typeface had a handsome, strong and elegant appearance that was fitting for both a grandfather and Clyde's overall message to his grandson.    
Bookman is a Revival typeface designed by Ed Benguiat in 1975 for the international Typeface Corporation. Benguiat designed a full family of four weights, plus a suite of swash and alternative characters  for each member of the family. This typeface was redesigned the year after Shield wrote his letter.

Noam Chomsky's lecture on, "Who Owns the World", was delivered at the University of Massachusetts in 2012. He thoroughly examines controversial topics that are largely ignored or glossed over including global warming and nuclear threat. Noam's ideas are introduced with no shortage of facts dating back to colonial times. Reminding his audience how the US has developed into the country that it is today.

For Chomsky's transcript, I chose to use Klilma (KLEE-muh)  A free typeface for the climate movement! I felt that the clean modern look of this sans serif was appropriate  for a modern voice such a Chomsky. 
Klima is designed by Mathew Anderson. Anderson is a typographer for, a grassroots climate advocacy group. Klima is similar to the typeface Din.It was a fitting use of the  Since one of the main ideas to the theme is climate change This was an applicable use of Kilma, a free typeface for the climate movement. 



in this terrifying global elegy.

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

Elegy for a Country’s Seasons