Buisness Forms

Client ConnectPayUSA

Role Designer

Discipline Interactive Design, Branding,
InDesign, Acrobat, System Design,


Forms Before                  Forms After (PDF Interactive)

ConnectPay LLC is a growing payroll company. With the guidance of their Marketing Director, I was assigned the task of updating 26 company forms into separate interactive PDF packages with a professional modern look. The major challenge was that the forms were out of date and had no visual or verbiage consistency.

I envisioned these forms as a tool that would be used to enhance operations in a workplace. I started asking questions about the system of operations in the company.

Taking many questions into consideration I created forms that now have a cohesive professional look, consistent verbiage and design elements, that eliminate confusion and improve the speed of operations in the office.

In what order do clients see these forms? Which departments use these forms? Is there any other information the client might need? Is all the information being asked for necessary? Are there redundancies? Is there information needed that is not being asked? How are client needs different? What are the different services offered through the company? What are the legal procedures for authorization?