Buisness Forms

Client ConnectPayUSA

Role Designer

Discipline Interactive PDFs, Experience Design, Branding,
InDesign, Acrobat, System Design, and user testing.

Duration 7months

Compare Forms Before   &  Forms After (PDF Interactive)

ConnectPay LLC is a growing payroll company. With the guidance of their Marketing Director, I was assigned the task of updating the look and experience of 26 existing company forms with corresponding tax documents into separate interactive PDF’s.

Initials Struggles

The initials struggles I overcame during this project included.

  • The original forms I was working with were out of date.

  • There was both useless information and redundant entry inquiries being requested.

  • Each form had inconsistent verbiage, logo placement, typographic treatment and styles.

  • The forms needed to be applicable for clients to fill out digitally as well by hand.

Critical Questions

I envisioned these forms as a tool that would be used to enhance operations in the ConnectPay workplace. I started asking critical questions that in return helped me gain empathy and better understanding of the individuals utilizing the forms.

  • In what order should clients fill out each of the forms?

  • Is all the information being asked for necessary?

  • Could their potentially be information needed that is not being asked?

  • Are any of the services offered geared towards a specific client?

  • How are the forms used internally? Can I reorder the entry fields to match the same sequence information is extracted out of a completed form on the backend.

  • What are the frequent questions and or misunderstanding clients are experiencing when filling out the forms? Can it be solved with additional information or instructions?

  • What are the legal procedures for authorization?

  • Is there a reasonable amount of space available for each questions to be answered?


Before ConnectPay has the ability to begin processing payroll for a company they need to gather information from their client. Based on their most common clients I created 4 separate on-boarding PDF packages.

Client 1. | New Business
A company that was new to using a payroll service.

Client 2. | Existing Business
A existing company switching it’s payroll service.

Client 3. | ADP Run Existing Business
A company switching it’s payroll service from ADP

Client 4. | Paychex Flex Existing
A company switching it’s payroll service from PayChecks


I observed how clients had completed the forms in the past. I focused on the forms that clients had filled-out by hand looking for opportunities to improve, such as space limitations.

Testing the forms was a critical step for this project. I performed onsite testing with employees with both digital and physical copies. This caught several performance bugs and raised important questions and conversations within the office.

Technical Struggles

The technical struggles I overcame during this project included,

  • Making sure the cursor would chronologically ‘tab’ through on the interactive PDF’s,

  • Getting the cursor to jump the next entry fields once it hit max character limit with java script.


In the end I produced a cohesive professional look with consistent verbiage and design elements that eliminate confusion and simultaneously improve the speed of operations in the office.