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Role Designer
Discipline Book Design, Info-graphics

This resource is for people working to stop the Ebola Outbreak Crisis of 2014. This is an Ebola Relief Preliminary Aid Field Guide for Humanitarian Aid in the West African Countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

This is both an education device and recruitment tool. It answers the question, 'What prior information do I need before aiding the Ebola outbreak?'

For those who fear Ebola effecting them, this breaks down why Ebola would not be as nearly devastating in countries that have the money, education, sanitation, that Guinea Sierra Leone and Liberia are lacking. It also explains why aid workers might come face to face with resistance from the people they are trying to help, for a variety of reasons. 

The goal was to create an info-graphic piece on any topic within the domain of Ebola. The delivery format was of my choosing.